Enter the Future, Print Drug Labels in your Pharmacy


How do you currently give your patients’ drug information?

If you’re like the average pharmacy, you mark the drugs with some strokes and hand it over to the patient.

Zip lock pill bag


The name of the tablet is not always known to the patient and the instructions easy to forget.

This leaves the patient in the dark as to what they are taking and how to take it.

This is unsafe for the patient and can lead to a myriad of problems the least not being a dissatisfaction with their pharmacy and potential lost business to a superior pharmacy.

Pharmacies all over the world have for a long time stopped using marked zip lock bags to give patients drug information. This system is seen as archaic and doesn’t demonstrate good pharmaceutical care.

The international standard for identifying drugs and providing drug information is the drug labels. The systems that enable them to do this are usually quite expensive and difficult to use

We at WellaHealth are proud to announce that we are bringing the ability to print drug labels to the African market but in a cheaper and simple manner.


Printed drug label

This label is a sample one printed using our systems. It is done in only a minute, contains all the information needed and is coupled with automatic reminder SMS to ensure your patient returns promptly for refills.

We only have limited availability of our printers and are rolling it out in batches to interested pharmacies so to book yours just simply WhatsApp us.

label printer
Label printer
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