5 Advantages of a Personal Health Record (PHR)


When you visit your doctor you will notice that he makes some notes in your record. He may then send you for a blood test or an x-ray. You get the results on paper and take them back to your doctor. He takes your results and files them away, you may then get a prescription for a medication. You take this script to the pharmacy where it’s filled and then filed away.

This system has existed for a long time and has created a huge volume of medical information that  is increasingly difficult to keep track of. The time has arrived for a different and better way – an electronic personal health record that you control. How will this help:

  1. lost or hard to find records – When it’s electronic it’s always available 24/7 and never goes missing. No, ‘sorry madam we can’t find it’, or ‘oga wey hold key no dey on seat’.
  1. Repeat blood test and x-rays – All your results are on your record and you save time and money by not having to repeat them again and again. You can also easily compare if things are improving or not. The results are at the fingertips of your doctor who can make the best decision possible.
  1. Forget all your medical details (ditch your big file of results) – It’s all stored on your record. Your list of medications, allergies, medical history. You don’t need to struggle to remember them, the doctor doesn’t need to spend time asking you about them. Just hand him your updated personal health record. Leave the expensive time for more valuable input from your doctor.
  1. Second opinion – Not happy with your current doctor, you control it so you can take your electronic record to a new doctor who can see all the details from your previous hospital visits and follow up the loose ends.
  1. Emergency – God forbid you are found unconscious on the roadside, your electronic record will provide essential emergency information about your blood group, illnesses and medications so you get the best possible care to keep you alive.

Start using a personal electronic health today and improve the quality of your health care.

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