Managing Diabetes, Things to Keep Track of

So you have diabetes, what things do you need to keep track of to prevent the adverse effects of the disease.

1. Your heart

Diabetes increases your risk of heart attacks and other heart diseases. Manage your risk by keeping track of your blood sugars and other risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol and smoking. Make sure to have a healthy diet and exercise on most days of the week.

2. Your Kidneys

Diabetes damages kidneys to the extent of some needing dialysis (an artificial kidney). Check your kidney function with blood tests regularly to keep track of its decline.

3. Your legs

Diabetes damages the blood vessels in the legs, this reduces circulation, promotes infections and impairs healing of wounds. Watch out for any pain in your legs when walking, report this to your health provider.

4. Your nerves

Your nerves don’t like the excess sugar in your blood. They can become dysfunctional when exposed to it for too long. Monitor the feeling in your feet in particular and protect your feet at all times.

5.  Your eyes

The back of the eye can be damaged by diabetes. Undergo a regular eye exam and keep track of any changes that happen over time.

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