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Wella Health
Wella Health

Wella Health is the way to manage your healthcare. We offer the following services to our subscribers.

1. Help finding particular health services

If you ever need to know where to go get access to quality service or products for your health problem, call us on +234909051079701 or +234909051079702. We guarantee to find you the service you need.

2. Personal Health Record

We give access to an easy to use personal health record. On it you can store all your medical history, lab results and x-ray reports. This can be managed by you or by us. We can also contact all your providers and collate all your records. This record is secure and always available wherever you go. Access can be given to specified health providers if they aren’t yet on our network. Sign up for a free 30 day trial today.

3. Personalised disease management

We help you intelligently track important numbers for any diseases you suffer from, such as – diabetes, hepatitis and heart disease. Personalised insights based on this tracking will help you improve the management of your disease in conjunction with your provider.

4. Care coordination

Due to the complex nature of health care these days, multiple providers and services often have to be accessed. We provide a service to coordinate all this activities so that everyone is acting to give you the best possible care.

5. Excellent always available support

We are always at your beck and call, with a smile and a readiness to find a solution to whatever health access or information problem you may have.

Sign up today at www.wellahealth.com to simplify your health care.

Note – Wella Health is an information service and doesn’t provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. That is the role of your health professional.

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