Travelling for health care? 5 tips to give you a smooth experience

With the poor state of the health system in several countries, many people have resorted to travelling to other areas to get better health care. Use the following tips to make the experience of health tourism a smoother one.

1. Get as much information as possible

Prior to your trip, find out what hospital you’ll be going to, who’ll be doing any procedures on you and if they’re suitably qualified and equipped. Seek testimonials from people previously treated that are similar to you. Also, it’s often best to seek a second opinion locally before proceeding to somewhere foreign to make sure the trip is indeed warranted.

2. Budget

Make sure you have enough funds to cover your travel, stay, hospital bills and other sundry expenses. Remember particularly that you may need to include a period of time for recovery after a procedure or treatment course.

3. Inform friends and family

Ensure your friends and family know exactly where you’ll be staying and how long for. Give them contact details of the hospital and health professionals both locally and abroad. Make sure to check in with them often while away. It is often advisable to go with a trusted companion or friend.

4. Bring your health records

Bring all your health details along with you. All previous hospital visits, letters, medications, lab results. Virtually everything related to your health you can get your hands on. This is to aid your treatment and ensure your treating professionals have all your previous history at their disposal.

5. Plan for and arrange follow up care

After your treatment, ensure you take note of any instructions given. Also find out how you can access any follow up care and who to contact in the event of any complications.

Apply these tips and you’ll have a better experience when travelling for health care.

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