A familiar story with a new twist

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Jane is a young lady who was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago. Try as she did she couldn’t get her diabetes under control. She went to several places for help but couldn’t quite get the kind of care she needed. She also didn’t quite understand all the information and advice she was getting.

Finally after some years she got kidney failure as a result of the poorly controlled diabetes. Again she looked from place to place for a good kidney doctor with a good service but found it difficult and tiring to find one. On the advice of a friend she eventually ended up travelling to India where she was able to get a measure of the medical care she needed. Unfortunately though when she returned home she wasn’t able to get the proper follow up her treatment had required.

She heard about Wella Health from a friend who indicated we could help. She contacted us and signed up. First thing we did was help her find a good kidney and diabetes doctor with the right kind of service to look after her. We then helped her organize all her health records (labs, x-rays etc) and details from her treatment in Nigeria and India on her own electronic personal health record. She was now able to track her diabetes and kidney care and get personalized information on how to improve her health from the data in her record. Also as she was seeing several doctors, we helped her coordinate the care between all the services making them work in her best interest and stream line the cost.

Jane is now happy that she is getting the care she needs. She is able to take control and manage her health via her phone, wherever she is all thanks to Wella Health.

You too can be happy with your health care like Jane. Visit us at www.wellahealth.com or call us on +234 905 107 9701

Note – The above story is a general example that highlights wella health services and is not based on a specific person or persons

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