5 Nigerian superstitions and beliefs that will kill you before your time


Femi don die oh! Na witch kill am! Trouble is Femi was fat, a smoker, suffered from undiagnosed diabetes and suddenly had a fatal heart attack.

You’d think that with all the ‘unbelievers’ in the western countries they’d have plenty of witches killing people anyhow, yet they live to over age 80, while Nigerians live to only age 50.

Please attend a qualified doctor to use his modern miracles (that can make the lame walk and the blind to see) to fight these ‘witches’ killing Nigerians.

God forbid/ not my portion

Heart attack – ‘God forbid’

Stroke – ‘not my portion’

Pray tell how do you think you will die? or you hope to live forever? We all will die one way or another, often times it will be as a result of disease. So ‘reject’ as much as you want but still visit your doctor for an annual check up! We have been blessed with great scientific knowledge that will prevent disease and prolong your life, don’t be a fool, use it!


Ever hear of the couple that couldn’t give birth, prayed hard then suddenly had triplets. My people that prayer is called IVF! God has blessed us with science and brains to solve our problems.

If you have a health problem go to a qualified doctor not a pastor. Your prayer should be for God to open the mind of the doctor to be able to find the solution to your problem. When you do get a solution, thank God and don’t forget to thank the doctor.

What i don’t know won’t kill me

It will, trust me on this one!

Not in my family

‘I can’t have diabetes it is not in my family’

Ok, so that BMW you are driving, was it in your family before?

That air conditioned office you’re sitting in all day was it in your family before?

That burger, chips and fried chicken your are eating was it in your family before?

Oh so you want the new good things but not the bad ones!

My people it doesn’t work like that. Go out and exercise, eat healthy, get an annual check up before you become the pioneer of diseases in your family.

There you have it, 5 Nigerian superstitions that will kill you before your time. Please share as you may save someone’s life.

Give us your opinions by leaving a comment. Do you agree or disagree with us? Would you add any other superstitions?

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