If Yar’adua could advice Buhari and Johnathan

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As election fever grips Nigeria a reminder to our presidential aspirants and all Nigerians that of paramount value is health- the health of our aspirants and that of all Nigerians.

President Yaradua (RIP) the immediate past president had significant health concerns and sadly passed away from kidney disease.

In President Yar’adua’s case he had to be taken out of Nigeria for the health interventions that unfortunately proved fruitless. So to our aspirants we say look after your kidneys and the kidneys of Nigerians when elected.

President Yar’adua having suffered the travails of kidney disease, we think would advise you do the following when elected in this March, the month of kidneys:

Provide for the training of more kidney doctors

– Provide more dialysis centers

– Make kidney transplants commonplace in Nigeria

Do these and be hailed as a great leader when you pass on.

Please share this until it gets to GMB and GEJ

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