Monitoring the health of your family in Nigeria while abroad

‘Brother, mama is sick oh. Please send money’

‘Brother, the doctor says we should do a test’

‘Brother, the doctor says we should take one drug like that’

‘Brother, mama is not getting better oh!

‘Ah brother, mama is dead’

This conversation unfortunately occurs all too frequently for many Nigerians who live far away from home.

When family members back in Nigeria fall sick and need care, dealing with it can be quite stressful. You often have to send money, call frequently but yet get no real idea of what’s going on.

You try to speak to the treating doctor but he’s always evasive. Time passes and not much happens other than the odd news here and there. Being used to proper healthcare and systems where you live you sense that things are worsening but there’s not much you can do about it.

You wish you could be on ground to see things for yourself but you’re sadly unable to. Soon enough you get the dreaded phone call to inform you that your much beloved father, mother, uncle or aunty has passed away. You wonder, how did this happen? You sent so much money and thought their condition was improving.

If you’re fortunate you make plans and attend the funeral. If you’re not, you stay in your cold bed in a foreign land, crying at night wishing things could have been different. Regretting that you didn’t do more when you had the chance.

It is this situation that inspired the founding of wella health. Living abroad our founder experienced first hand the difficulty of tracking the health of a sick family member back home and the impossible task of finding quality health care. To forestall the inevitable regret that would result, he returned to found Wella Health so that people like him, Nigerians who live abroad with sick family members back home can have a way to monitor their families health.

Now with wella health you are able to get help finding quality care for family, track what is happening back home and even get input into the care being received by your family at home from Nigerian doctors practicing all over the world. All from the comfort of your computer.

So to prevent any future regrets, help manage the health of your family members back in Nigeria from any where in the world. Contact Wella Health today to get the process started.

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