5 Ways to Keep Your Pharmacy Staff Happy

Running a successful pharmacy is a team effort. No one person is able to do it. You have to employ other pharmacists, sales staff and security guards. Many pharmacy owners have horror stories of bad staff that sunk their business. Keeping your staff happy and satisfied working with you should thus be a priority. Here are 5 things to consider to help promote happy staff.

  1. Provide work that’s challenging 
Research finds that people are happiest when doing work that is difficult but achievable. This is because they become absorbed in their tasks that they don’t even notice the time passing. This isn’t so easy to do in a pharmacy where activity is often determined by unpredictable traffic. If that’s the case you may need to find other ways to challenge your staff. You can provide them with training opportunities. Give them tasks to solve or enlist their help in solving any business problems you’re facing. You’d be surprised how useful your staff can be. This would make them feel valued. It’s also good for you, your security man could be the one that helps you solve a problem you’ve been dealing with for months.
 2. Create a sense of progress.

Nobody likes to stay in a dead-end position forever. Your staff need to feel like they’re progressing. Carrying out regular training and courses can be the key. Should they be able to gain new knowledge and certificates under your employ, they will be very happy and put in their best efforts for you. Think about how you can give your staff a sense of accomplishment. A good start would be to meet with them one on one and ask them what they would like to learn and achieve. Help them create a personal development plan and facilitate its achievement.

3. Avoid using fear to motivate

It’s not uncommon to see a pharmacy owner enter a store and everybody scatters and hides. This is because they scream willy nilly and abuse everyone. Doing this instills fear in your staff and while you may think it a good motivator, research has shown that in the long term, people become less engaged and perform poorly. If you scream consistently, your staff need to change or you do. Train and coach them in the first instance, if they don’t improve, let them go and hire someone else. Your heart will thank you for the peace.  A better way to motivate is to focus on positives and reward good behavior. Initiatives such as ’employee of the month’, selected by you or voted for by your staff can be a good way to motivate and promote healthy competition.

4. Increase autonomy and flexibility

The ability to control one’s life is a big contributor to happiness. In fact, some studies show that it is far more important than money. Hence you should strive to promote a sense of independence in your staff over their work. You should trust them to make the right decisions within their job. If they don’t, train them and allow them to be independent. Also to promote autonomy, it is important that there is some flexibility over work schedules. Try to maintain a list of locums or people who can pick up short term shifts at short notice in case your staff need to time away at short notice.

5. Promote belonging

We are all social creatures. Research has found that people who have a best friend at work are more productive and engaged. You need to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and breeds familiarity. Contrary to what some may think, familiarity in the workplace doesn’t breed contempt, rather it enhances the work experience and keeps your staff happy.

You need to hold regular team meetings and even one -on- one meetings with your staff to make sure they’re happy. You may also do things such as celebrating birthdays, team departures or entries. You can also use health days as opportunities to have fun with your customers too. A happy and familiar team attracts and keeps customers. Most people avoid places where the oga or madam are always screaming. The team at WellaHealth always endeavor to have lunch together on a Friday, it helps build camaraderie

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