3 Value Adding Opportunities You Miss Daily in Community Pharmacy

Pharmacies in Nigeria occupy a vital position in health care delivery. It’s often the first and last port of call for many illnesses communities experience. Sadly despite this opportunity, many pharmacists just sell drugs and do nothing else. If you do this you’re missing out on the massive value you could be adding to your clients and your business.

Specifically, I will highlight 3 situations that can prompt your clients to access more health care services and ultimately patronize you more frequently and in higher volume each time.

  1. Erectile dysfunction should prompt disease screening in males– Erectile dysfunction frequently co-exists with cardiovascular disease, diabetes or prostate disease. Selling a pack of viagra or any sexual health supplement to a man above middle age should prompt you to encourage him to screen for these diseases. Encourage that he does the following:
    • Blood pressure screening – you should have a machine that does this on site
    • Blood sugar measurement for diabetes – you should have a glucometer on site.
    • Cholesterol levels – point of care tests are available or refer him to a partner lab
    • Prostate cancer screening – refer him to a partner clinic or lab for this
  2. Contraceptive use should prompt disease screening in females– It’s not uncommon for a lady to attend for postinor. This suggests she’s engaging in high-risk sexual behavior. You should counsel her on more appropriate contraception and sexual disease preventing measures.  It would be a good time to encourage:
  3. Malaria treatment should prompt preventive measures – You sell malaria treatment every day. Do you ever try and upsell preventive measures such as the use of nets or insecticides. If you do this well done, one more thing you could do is encourage sickle cell testing. Malaria continues to exist partly because of the survival advantage the sickle cell trait confers. Encourage malaria sufferers to test for the trait so that they are aware and avoid having children with sickle cell disease.

In all this, employing a patient information leaflet is a good way to prompt both the pharmacist and the patient to commence the discussion. You need not be shy about promoting health care seeking as a means of improving your business. The truth is that the better your pharmacy business does, the healthier your community is. If you’re struggling for clients then be rest assured that your community dwellers are drinking agbo,  a situation that will not end well for them or for you.

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