Breaking – New Definition of Hypertension

There has been a new change in the definition of hypertension.

Up until now, hypertension has been defined as blood pressure of greater than 140/90. This has now changed on recommendations from the American college of cardiology and American heart association. They are advising now that hypertension be defined as a blood pressure of greater than 130/80.

This will mean millions of more people will have hypertension and need treatment. Health care professionals are starting to test more people today, as, under these new guidelines, millions of new people will now have hypertension. It’s advisable that you go have your own blood pressure checked now.

You can book a free blood pressure check at a convenient location. Just visit this website and input your details. Information on how to claim you free blood pressure check will be sent to you.

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If you’re found to be hypertensive, that is a blood pressure of greater than 130/80,  the first option would be to treat it via lifestyle changes. These changes include,

  • Reducing salt in your diet
  • Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Reducing processed foods
  • Regular exercise

Implementing these changes can be difficult, when this is the case, medications to lower the blood pressure can be given. It is important that when prescribed these drugs are taken. High bllod pressure is dangerous and can lead to the following

  • Death from heart attacks
  • Severe disability from strokes
  • Requiring expensive, time-consuming dialysis 3-4 times a week because of kidney failure

Avoid this dreadful instances, check your blood pressure today!

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Have you checked your blood pressure already, share the number in the comments below.


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