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How Malaria RDT (Rapid diagnostic Test) is Done in 5 steps [with video]

Malaria is a disease that keeps showing its ugly face at the worst of times. You feel great up until the time you have that important meeting or party. It’s usually then you start to feel sick. Worse still is the time and money it takes to go do a test and treat malaria.

Well there’s good news, malaria testing when you feel sick and unproductive actually helps you improve and become more productive regardless of the result. This is backed by good research. The other good news is that malaria testing need not take time anymore. You can now have a malaria test done in 1 minute with results available soon after.

Here are the 6 steps that a health professional undertakes to enable this rapid test happen.

  1. Materials are prepared
  2. Finger is cleaned with alcohol wipe
  3. Finger is pricked with a tiny needle
  4. Drop of blood is placed in test strip
  5. Buffer liquid dropped into test strip
  6. Test result read

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