What is kickthevirus in the African Nations cup?

You must have seen the ongoing campaign in the African cup of nations (AFCO) tagged kickthevirus.

You’re probably wondering what is kickthevirus or how can I find out what kickthevirus is.

Well, search no more. Here it is:

Kickthevirus is an initiative of Gilead, an international pharmaceutical company that produces medicines for the treatment of some viral infections.

They’ve partnered with CAF at the African nations cup to raise awareness on 2 particular viruses. The hepatitis B and C viruses. These viruses infect the liver and can lead to liver failure and liver cancer. Gilead has come up with new powerful treatments for these and is attempting to promote it via the nations cup.

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Hepatitis viruses may be transmitted via contact with bodily fluids of infected individuals. So things like sex or sharing needles would be risky activities to engage in with someone who’s infected with hepatitis viruses.

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You may not always know if you’ve been infected with Hepatitis viruses. It can stay silent in the body. Other times you can have symptoms like yellowing of your skin and eyes, Pain in the tummy, tiredness, feeling sick and not wanting to eat. You may also notice the colour of your urine going dark.

If this happens to you or you have any concerns. It’s important that you go see a doctor for further tests and advice.

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If you happen to have a fever and symptoms of feeling sick, the most likely infection is malaria. It’s important to get a malaria test and take malaria drugs only when the malaria test is positive. You can now save cash and pay an affordable fee to get all your malaria test and drugs covered for just N425 a month.

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