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COVID-19 Clinical Update for African Health Professionals

As COVID-19 cases grow, more and more health care workers will be exposed to patients with the disease. It’s thus imperative that all healthcare workers are ready and prepared. To help, we’re putting together a webinar on the clinical nuances of managing COVID-19 cases from a frontline perspective.

The speaker on the webinar is Dr Zianab Mahmoud, an internist and cardiology fellow at the Washingon University in St. Louis Missouri in the U.S. She has Nigerian experience from her time as a doctor in the Aminu Kano teaching hospital so she’s able to contextualize the information to the Nigerian reality.

The webinar will hold on Sunday the 5th of April at 5pm Nigerian time. Only health professionals are allowed in to allow for a frank conversation on the practicalities and realities of management. Please complete the form below and provide evidence of your status by taking a photo of either your Identification card showing clearly your name and place of work or upload your practising certificate.

This webinar is facilitated by Caselink, a tool built by the team at Wellahealth to improve deficits in case management of outbreaks.

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 Clinical Update for African Health Professionals”

  1. While Nigeria tries delay the rate of the spread of Coronavirus, it is the opportunity to develop the skills of it’s medical and health care personnel. This Webinar is a step in the right direction for all of us.

  2. Silas Owiti Ayako

    The COVID 19 is here with us.We need to work together as health professionals to fight this pandemic. Despite it’s deterioration to the world economy,it’s time to salvage our healthcare efforts together and get rid of this virus in the face of every country.It requires commitment and selflessness….

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