Is it Typhoid?

Typhoid is a bacterial infection caused by Salmonella typhi. It spreads through contaminated food and water or through close contact with someone who’s infected.

Common symptoms of typhoid are:
• Fever
• Stomach pain
• Headache
• Change in bowel habit,
• Loss of appetite
• Nausea
• Vomiting

These symptoms are not limited to typhoid alone, and this explains why typhoid is one of the most wrongly diagnosed diseases. It is almost always mixed up with malaria, a very common disease in this part of the world.

Typhoid can be treated with antibiotics. However, it is imperative to establish the presence of typhoid before using antibiotics. One must run a test before typhoid can be confirmed.

Widal test is commonly used but has limited accuracy. For typhoid to be conclusively confirmed, analysis of stool, blood, urine, or bone marrow will be required and it takes a few days for the result to be determined. This establishes the presence or absence of typhoid.

The use of antibiotics without a running test increases the risk of antimicrobial resistance where infections do not respond to otherwise effective antibiotics.

A major complication of typhoid is intestinal perforation. Symptoms include:

• feeling tired all the time
• breathlessness
• pale skin
• an irregular heartbeat
• vomiting blood
• poo (stools) that are very dark or tar-like

Typhoid can be prevented by:

• Washing your hands before eating or preparing food and after using the toilet. Carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for times when water isn’t available.
• Avoiding untreated water. Contaminated drinking water is a particular problem in areas where typhoid fever is endemic.
• Avoiding foods and beverages from street vendors unless steaming hot.
• Getting vaccinated against typhoid fever.

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